BROSTE Sandvig White Wine Glass | Set x4

The Broste Copenhagen Sandvig glassware collection has been inspired by the idyllic nature of the coastal town of Sandvig.

This is clearly expressed through the characteristic grooves articulating the Nordic design mentality with its delicate structure and dramatic, yet minimalist details. Every piece is handmade and completely unique and will vary in colour, size and thickness. Small bubbles and irregularities may occur and are not perceived as production faults.

DIAM90 H252 45CL
Mouthblown Glass

Dishwasher safe at temperatures below 55 degrees to avoid glass plaque.

If available, use a stemware rack to provide support and stop your glassware from moving around. Remove glasses from dishwasher or open the door once the washing program is finished, as steam in the machine can stimulate breakdown of the glass.

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