Holding Aces | Tui & Kahili


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Costa Rican Tuberose

Wild Jasmine

Ylang Ylang

White Tobacco

Kaffir Lime

We’ve all heard the line, everyday should be Mother’s day. And it’s true!

But here at Ashley & Co, we love this particular day of dedication to the amazing Mum’s in our lives.

This year we’ve got Mother’s Day packaged to perfection, with a giftset that treats her hands and lips to something super special.


Introducing Holding Aces - 

Soothe Tube & Lip Punch. 


Paired together in a custom ‘scent case’- our latest packaging. Any day, any time - this is hand & lip revitalisation and nourishment at its finest. Available in our signature fragrances Blossom & Gilt, or Tui & Kahili.