Sophia Pixie Doll


Sophia is a young pixie, strong and determined to learn. Her passion is learning the power of the plants.   She is caring, kind and is always there to help and encourage her friends.  

Her top has embroidered detailing of meadow flowers to represent her passion for flora and fauna.

In person she is made from and clothed in organic cotton, with a polyester filling.  But to your childs' imagination, she is made from magic.

Sophia has been designed by Catherine and made by a team of talented doll makers in our GOTS certified factory in India.

The inspiration behind the Zephyr Collection dolls was the moody and often mystical feeling the "West Wind" on Autumn days conjours.  The low sunlight that sprinkles through the leafless trees, or the wind that carries the dry, rich coloured leaves afar. The rustling of the leaves as though something or someone is moving through them. 

These dolls measure approximately 48cm long