Botanical Style

In Botanical Style , stylist and author Selina Lake brings her signature fresh and pretty vintage style to the current trend for all things botanical.

The first chapter, Bontanical Inspirations, takes a look at the different ingredients of the look antique prints, flower stalls, potting sheds and house plants and draws upon these sources for ideas to transform your home into a leafy haven.

Selina then explores five different facets of the botanical look.  Vintage Botanicals celebrates the gentle palette and delicate style of floral watercolours and pressed flowers, while Boho Botanicals has a free spirited 1970s vibe.  The varied textures of Industrial Botanicals give it a modern edge, utilizing materials such as rusted metal and laboratory glass and combining them with vintage school science posters.  Next, Naturtal  Bontanicals is based around antique botanical prints and salvaged furnishings for a nostalgic feel, while Tropical Botanicals features leafy prints and spiny cacti for a glamorous retro flavour.

Throughout the book, Selina's imaginative DIY Makes and insightful 'Style Tips' provide inspiring suggestions for recreating the textures, tones and ambience of Botanical Style in your own home.

Thank you for being on this journey with us.

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