Phoenix Picnic Rug

Designed to be used indoors to brighten up your home, or outside on adventures ~ giving you a sense of wanderlust all year long ✨

Phoenix is brimming with a sense of freedom and nostalgia. An intricate, bohemian design in a myriad of exotic tones against a soft cream backdrop.

  • Made with 100% cotton
  • One-colour tassel trim around the rug
  • Extra large picnic rug - approx 200 x 160cm which comfortably fits 4 people
  • The length covers the top of a standard King size bed and comfortably fits a queen
  • Can be used as a picnic rug or beach throw, while camping or living on the road and to brighten your home as a decorative throw, rug or as wall tapestry
  • Durable and hard wearing with a comfortable texture against the skin
  • Soft and breathable, thickness of the throws can be compared to a beach towel
  • Bohemian floral design in shades of orange, soft yellow, burgundy, taupe, pink and cream
  • Please note, the colours and design are created by weaving primary colours of yarn together. The colours and design have not been printed on the rug. The woven method creates the effects of the colours we mention.
  • Colours may appear slightly different in lifestyle images due to lighting and editing effects by our content creators. When making your choice, please decide based on the colours you see in the first images of the rug with the white background. 

Thank you for being on this journey with us.

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